About Us

As you know, Joomla is a simple and flexible platform to build not only business websites but also with any website area. Root templates directory of Joomla is not available, so it’s hard to find the right templates for Joomla.

So, we know that, so we created this website in the middle of 2020, helping everyone find the right Joomla templates for their projects, look at a real demo site instead of a basic demo from Joomla templates directory.

Beside Joomla templates, you can find top other websites templates, good places to buy hosting/domain, and of course you can get coupon code in case you want to purchase Premium Joomla templates from forest or some popular Joomla authors.

We’re small team but with talent team members, if you’re looking for website development, data minding and content marketing, just contact us. Now just take a look for our team members.

TuVA (Aka Kelvin) – CEO & Founder


Hello everyone! My name is TuVA, somebody can call me @Kelvin. I have more than 10 years in Joomla! & WordPress development, more than 4 years in Digital Marketing, SEO specialist. I’m also CEO of IT4GO, one of trusted WordPress theme provider brand with more than 220,000 customers around the world), and some other trusted brands. Also, I’m a dad of two little daughters after work, and beer hunter every weekend. 

Thao.Tran – Digital Marketer


Hi everyone! My name is Thao Tran. I have just graduated from Da Nang University of Foreign Language Studies and my major is English for Tourism.I have a great passion for foreign languages and technology. Therefore until now, besides Vietnamese which is my mother tongue, I can speak English, Japanese, and a little Chinese. Moreover, I also like writing blogs, this is the reason why I was a part-time copywriter in IT4GO for nearly 2 years during my student time and now I become a digital marketer in this company. If there are three adjectives to describe me, they will be conscientious, hard-working, and reliable. As a quote said:  “No pressure, no diamonds”, I always try my best to finish my personal goal!. 

Uyen.Le – Content Writer (Blogger)

uyen tran 

Hi guy, My name is Uyen, you can call me Rose. I am a senior at Da Nang University of foreign language studies, which is reputable in the central of Viet Nam. Business English is my major in school. I am passionate about writing when I was in high school. This is the reason why I have become a member of the content marketing team in a variety of groups or clubs in Da Nang. Moreover, I have 2 years of experience in customer services ( a waitress and cashier in a Korean restaurant and a librarian). I have been a tour guide of Hoianfreetour since 2019. I also used to work as a copywriter at LADIGI Academic. At present, I am working for the IT4GO company(Global IT service) in terms of content marketing. Besides, I also tutor an 8th-grade student in English and have a fan page to sell clothes online. In my spare time, I also take part in volunteer activities. 

Tho.Pham – Content Writer (Blogger)

bao tho 

 Hello everyone, my name is Tho. I am a senior at DaNang University of foreign language studies and my major is English Pedagogy. I have ever become a tutor for 3 years and I think this job gives me a lot of memorable experiences as well as teaching skills to develop myself in the future. I am a big fan of reading books and writing anything I want every day, which helps me to improve learning English, especially for writing skills. This is one of the reasons why now I have worked as a content writer for IT4GO Company for approximately one year. When working at this company, I have a chance to access marketing and get a deeper understand it more. Besides, I frequently take part in soft skill clubs, volunteer activities to meeting new people and do meaningful things in my life. Last but not least, taking regular exercise is my hobby, which helps me to keep fit and relax after a tongue day. Thank you for your reading. 

Tuyen.Tran – Content Writer (Blogger)

nha tuyen 

Hello everybody! My name is Tuyen, but you can call me Janna. I’m very keen on foreign languages and something related to information technology. Besides, I am also interested in content writing and marketing. Therefore, I became a member of digital marketer group of IT4GO. Everyday will be a happy day of me if I have a lot of chances to work and study about digital technology in general and Joomla! templates as well as WordPress themes in particular. Moreover, I am a little girl who wants to go to the coffee shop and chat with friends on weekends. 

Tuyen.Phan – Content Writer (Blogger)


 Hello everyone! My name is Thanh Tuyen. I have worked in IT4GO for nearly six months. In this time, I have been working on the content segment, and I have gained a lot of experience working with Joomla! & WordPress. Currently, I am a university student specializing in English pedagogy. Perhaps in the future, I will become a teacher, or else I will continue with the content writing job. But, I’m sure that no matter what job I choose, I will always be enthusiastic and dedicated to my job. Besides, I’m still a twenty-year-old girl exploring this life.  

Thuy.Tran – Content Writer (Blogger)

thuy tran 

Hello everyone, My full name is Tran Thi Thuy and you can call me Thuy for short. I am currently a senior at  University of Foreign Language Studies – University of Da Nang. I am quite attracted by writing and marketing, it’s really an interesting and engaging work. Fortunately, in May 2020, I know about IT4GO company from my friend and I applied to it as a content marketing writer to clearly understand about what is marketing content and how to write and post blog, theme, top list, and others. After a while, I have accumulated some experience in writing standard SEO content and content-related fields. Now, I see this is a good and exciting job that I will pursue when I graduate the university. 

Vy.Phan – Content Writer (Blogger)


 Hi guys, my name is Vy, someone often calls with a nickname Jenny.  Now, I am a senior at the University of Foreign Language Studies.  Previously, I had 2 years of experience working as a waitress and 6 months as a teaching assistant at the English Center.  However, currently, I am trying my best with a new job at IT4GO. In fact, I am a very active person and always want to join in social activities.

Linh – Content Writer (Blogger)


Hello everyone! My name is Ha Linh, I am often called by people with the nickname Chòe or Halin and of course, this also makes me feel satisfied. Currently, I am a senior student at Duy Tan University in  Da Nang City, specialized in hospitality & tourism management. Living and studying in a city worth living, I learned a lot of things such as life skills, work skills, study, and especially what I have gained experience from 2 months of working at ITI4GO – a global information technology services company. Working as a content marketing writer and SEO I have learned a lot of experience, writing skills as top list, WordPress theme, blog,..In others, I often participate in social activities about startup club, Upshift Vietnam, volunteer in free time. This is what I have experienced while in college and now.  

Dieu.Tran – Content Writer (Blogger)


 Hi folks, My name is Dieu. It is so great to be here and introduce myself to you. Now, I am a senior of Danang University of Foreign Languages, majoring in Business English. I have been in Danang for 4 years. Danang is one of the worth-living cities in Vietnam, and I love this place so much because of many reasons such as not too fast or too slow pace of life, good education and health care standards as well as job hunting. During the time living here, as many others students, I also have part-time jobs, and get experiences in some domains like Food and Beverages, Service, Teaching and Content Marketing. The first days in Danang, I worked at a coffee shop as a barista and a waitress. After stopping working for café, I was a tutor for some primary school students. Additionally, I used to be a waitress, a cashier and a bartender at a Korean Restaurant. But this restaurant was closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. At the moment, I am an English Teaching Assistant for Meraki House, at the same time, I am also a member of the Content Marketing Team at IT4GO company (Global IT Services). Maybe sounds good, but I see my life is really monotonous. So, I hope myself will do many things that are more meaningful in my life.  

If you’re active content writer or blogger and want to join our team to do something good, just contact uson today!